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Centaurium umbellatum


One of Bach's original twelve healers.
Prepared by the sun method.




Kind, quiet, gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others. They overtax their strength in their endeavours.

Their wish so grows upon them that they become more servants than willing helpers. Their good nature leads them to do more than their own share of work, and in so doing they may neglect their own particular mission in life.


Twelve Healers 1936




Centaury, that grow in our pastures, will help you to find your real self, so that you may become an active, positive worker instead of a passive agent.


Collected Writings new ed. Page 106




It prefers dry soil, sometimes sand (there are various coastal varieties like C. littorale and C. scilloides); it grows commonly on chalklands, but not on acid soils. It will not tolerate shade. In longer grass it grows taller and more leggy, and conversely smaller in short grass.




Grows throughout Britain, except Scotland, in open grassland.


State of being


To give strength. The weakness after illness: pale, languid, tired, no energy, limp, exhausted. Drained of vitality. Those who desire peace at any price. Even in illness they may be too willing to help others and get tired and worn-out by their efforts. The mind is often alert, but the body weak, too weak to make much effort. Meek, submissive and imposed upon because of their good natures.


Barnard, Guide to Bach Flower Remedies