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Case studies

Dr Bach himself wrote many detailed and fascinating case studies (see his Collected Writings - available from Healing Herbs). The BFRP site welcomes any contributions in this field, including reports which describe a combination of therapies, as in Ellen and Jack:


Ellen and Jack


Gael Mariani and Martin J Scott

A  very well-presented case study concerning the treatment of a stroke victim and her carer. A detailed explanation is given of the ways in which their physical and emotional conditions were treated with homoeopathic and Bach flower remedies respectively.

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Bach Flower Therapy for a “Qi Deficiency” pattern of menstrual pains

Dr Li Ying-che

Menstrual cramps are often treated with painkillers, which turn out not to be effective. Dr Li investigates the use of different Bach flower remedies that can impact best against deficiency in the 'Qi' centre as understood in Chinese medicine.

This Taiwanese study reports on several patients helped by Dr Bach's remedies (applied both internally and externally) where symptoms had not been significantly improved by Western medicine.

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Bach Flower Therapy for stomach pain

Dr Li Ying-che

Dr Li discusses several cases of how the Bach remedies have been used for patients with stomach pain whose symptoms were not alleviated either by Western or Chinese medicine. The use of Honeysuckle in the context of stomach pain is also discussed.

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‘Gorse, Clematis and Sweet Chestnut’ influenza

Wu Hsieh-sing and Dr Li Ying-che

This study focuses on the emotional states present in patients suffering from infuenza and how in particular the Gorse, Clematis and Sweet Chestnut negative states were observed. The authors also discuss how the inevitable disappointments of the pursuit of material success can also be related to these states.

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